What? Not again....

Three Rivers cancelled? wtf !
There are so many bad comedies that could be cancelled, but noooo ...The best series are always those who are cancelled.
I'll miss Alex O'Loughlin... again. =(
Is Cold Case cancelled too? =/


My new wall! =9


I'm using a big version, of course. :)
Textures used from: Here and here

Ah, I changed the layout again. eledhwen_girl

----> Pimp time!! =D
gerrychallenge : Challenge 105: Here
The deadline for entries is 10 p.m. EST, Friday, November 20th.
It would really be FANTASTIC if more people could enter. Come on, people, I'm sure you can do awesome stuff !! ;)
*does crazy dance*

Ok...bed now. =D
mary e king

New arts, few icons, bla bla bla

Hi flist!
New layout. hehe eledhwen_girl
I made a few Gerard Butler icons. Just 5.
Here they are:


If you take any of my icons, CREDIT eledhwen_girl
Textless icons are NOT bases.
HOTLINK | Steal | alter
I have no problem if you use them outside LJ, just make sure you credit me. =)
Enjoy. Please comment! =)

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I'll turn my livejournal in an "art" journal. I'll post some of my latest arts. (Depending on my inspiration) And sometimes some icons or textures. I hope you enjoy. =D
I will be more often in Deviantart. So, here is my recent works...^_^

Visions of Despair by *0Snow-White0 on deviantART

Visions of Despair - closeup - by *0Snow-White0 on deviantART

I'm an elf by *0Snow-White0 on deviantART
This is me. =D I painted this for my new DA id. =D

Sorry my english..;)