November 2nd, 2008


Ghost Hunters 4.16

I can't wait to see the GH Halloween 2008 ! Josh Gates wiill be there? I don't know if someone from my flist watched "Destination Truth" but I like him! He is soo funny! lol
But  I'm so behind. Yesterday I watched the ep 16 of Ghost Hunters. Great ep!
I LOVE when we hear voices. It's creepy! hehehe Love it! =D

I remember one ep, where there was a ghost of a little girl, and she was ( we think) playing hide and seek (I don't know if the english is correct.) with the guys. And we heard a faint child voice "I'm behind you". That was crazy! hehe

Sometimes my mom watch  "Paranormal State", but Ghost Hunter is so much better! I just love TAPS !!! =D