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Hello there!! Long time no see, uh? =D

Hi my darlings! :)
How are you?

I'm busy with my beloved RPG and doing my arts in Deviantart. :)
That leaves little time to update my journal. But whenever I can, I'll be here.
You can take a look at my DA page if you want to see my latest works. ^ _ ^
Yesterday I was practicing digital painting and here are 2 wips:

Photobucket  Photobucket

I was lazy and decided to "cut out" the part of the dress and left only the face. lol
Final result:

Not perfect. I did in just a few hours and also still have too much to learn. Normally when I paint it takes 1 to 2 weeks.. This was only a speedpaint. :)
Sorry my english....

And do you want to know more about me? lol I did this meme at DA:
This is my room. =)

xoxo ^^
Tags: paintings, speedpaint

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