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New fandons and Book.

@#$%*&@# !!! I just lost a big post!!!! GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR !!! 

I was talking about the series I´m watching now: Moonlight (My favorite) *points to my header image*  I´m not a vampire fan, but I like this series! And Mick is hot and the sweetest vampire!! =D Even though I still prefrer my Dracula Butler *dreamy sigh* the hottest! ;)  *points to my icon*  ; House ( Dr.House is so funny, but I´m watching the old eps.); Supernatural ( Very nice!!! My kind of serie!! And Dean and Sam are so cute!!! I just don´t like when the ep has too much comedy parts.); and Law & Order -SVU (I always liked it, but not always watched it) 

Let´s see if I´ll keep watching those! I usually become tired of any series after some time... =P 


And I bought the book "The Other Boleyn Girl" ( "A Irmã de Ana Bolena")! 
Ane! Ane! Ane! Ane! hehehe 
I just can´t stand Mary! =P 
I´m really enjoying the book! =) I can´t wait for the movie!! 

*hugs* ^^ 
Tags: book: the other boleyn girl, tv shows

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