Hi my dears! =)

I know you have already noticed (or not) that I am no longer updating the LJ as much as before.  I will not abandon it, but I think I'll post less and less. I know I already said this, but I wanted to make more official.. :D
I will post from time to time some of my arts and sometimes (more rarely) a few icons (if I feel inspired) and textures. You can leave comments because I always see if I have a message. I have some new icons I made for the challenges at gerrychallenge  (only place where I participate in challenges).
I can comment about one or other movie too, depending on my laziness. lol

I will be more often at 0snow-white0.deviantart.com ;)

* Hugs  flist *

Hello there!! Long time no see, uh? =D

Hi my darlings! :)
How are you?

I'm busy with my beloved RPG and doing my arts in Deviantart. :)
That leaves little time to update my journal. But whenever I can, I'll be here.
You can take a look at my DA page if you want to see my latest works. ^ _ ^
Yesterday I was practicing digital painting and here are 2 wips:

Photobucket  Photobucket

I was lazy and decided to "cut out" the part of the dress and left only the face. lol
Final result:

Not perfect. I did in just a few hours and also still have too much to learn. Normally when I paint it takes 1 to 2 weeks.. This was only a speedpaint. :)
Sorry my english....

And do you want to know more about me? lol I did this meme at DA:
This is my room. =)

xoxo ^^

Hello 2010!!!

Happy New Year everybody!!!
May 2010 be a year of health and happiness for everyone!!! =)
yuhuuuuuuuu!!!! * Throws confetti and sparklers into the air *  =D  
mary e king


Some movies I want to see so far: (2010)

Solomon Kane      

Ridley Scott's Robin Hood
     ( I'm not a Russell Crowe fan, but I love this kind of movie and Cate Blanchett! :3 )

Clash of the Titans    

The Bounty Hunter
        ( Oh, I HATE Jennifer Aniston! The only reason I'll watch this movie is Gerry Butler , just because I love him! )

and maybe Ágora and Season of the Witch too, I still have to see the trailers. :)

EDT: Aaannnd , of course, The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader.

For now, that's all I remember. =D
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